Popovic, Popovic & PARTNERS is one of the oldest working law firms in Serbia. It was established in 1933 by Miodrag P. Popovic (1907-1987). Ever since, the family practice has continued to provide the highest level of legal assistance. Through revolutions, wars, the dissolution of Yugoslavia and most recently the transition to a market economy and process of accession to European Union, we have been
steadfast in our service.

Miodrag P. Popović (1907-1987) Founder

An attorney of exceptional abilities. He led the office by personal accomplishment and vast devotion. By virtue of sense for tactfulness and diplomacy he successfully managed the office through the turbulent period of the 2nd World War, revolution and communist dictatorship. He has been remembered as a person of high moral standards, integrity, authority and strong work ethics.

Srdja M. Popović (1937-2013) Attorney at Law

The son of Miodrag Popović - A lawyer who fought for human rights and marked an era of the communist Yugoslavia. A man of liberal and democratic commitment whose advocacy’s focal point was based on the defense to the right of freedom of speech and expression of political opponents of the former regime. During the war years under Milosevic, he lived in the US and returned upon Milosevic’s overthrow in 2000. His last significant representation was in the case of the assassination of the first Serbian Democratic Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in which scope he attempted to uncover the political background and role of secret service in this crime. He is reminisced as a calm man with polite manners and appeased temperament.

Article in NY Times, Nov 2 2013 Article in The Guardian, Nov 15 2013

Petar A. Samardžija – Attorney at Law
for Commercial and Corporate matters

Joined the office in 1979, retired in 2015.